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About us


Angels Wheels s.r.o. ( founded in 2013) is a manufacturer and a distributor of wheels, rims and other spare parts and components for motorcycles. 

Our main focus is production and sale of Kite Elite and G2ProSeries wheels. It is possible to order both brands not just in various colors of hubs and rims, but also of spokes and nipples. Angelswheels doesn't have a big stock of already assembled wheels, the wheels are being assemled according to our customers personal order for example in our configurator https://www.angelswheels.com/en/konfigurator/


Kite Elite: Top wheels for those, who compete or just simply want the best for themselfs! These wheels have 22 world champion titles. Riders such as Tony Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings or Romain Febvre and many others ride and compete on these wheels. Their heart consists of the Kite Elite hub made in Italy assembled with Japanese Excel Takasago rims. 

G2ProSeries: We are the only company in Europe, that produces wheels with universal hubs and changable adapters for all different brands of motorcycles. That makes these wheels unique, because if a driver decides for a change of brand, he can keep his G2ProSeries wheels and easily reconstruct them for a different brand only by changing carrier (adapters and spacers) sets. The whole system has been designed in 2004 and since then has been innovated into perfection. In theese days have G2 ProSeries gained their popularity for example by those, who change their Enduro motorcycles to Supermoto. 


When riding a motorcycle, safety is always on first place. Our employees have long term experience with wheels assembly, so you can be sure with safety and longlasting quality. We also pay increased attention to center the wheels right and to tightening moments. We are able to assemble Your wheels in the matter of a few work days, thanks to our big stock of rims, hubs, spokes and high performance of our employees.